The Maryland State Board of Plumbing requires the successful completion of an approved 32 Hour Backflow Training Course as a pre-requisite for the Journey/Master Plumber examination. The focus of this course shall be to develop a working knowledge of the causes and principles of the backflow and backflow prevention. Recognizing proper backflow prevention assembly application and operation is stressed. A complete understanding and ability to perform accepted field test procedures for all backflow prevention assemblies are required for Certification.


The University of Florida (TREEO) Backflow Prevention Theory and Practice book is used in the course and is included in the cost of registration.


A passing grade on the final written examination and a satisfactory completion of the “hands on” performance will result in Certification. Certification is good for three (3) years. PLEASE NOTE: There is NO grace period beyond your 3-year certification. If you fail the course and are required to re-test you will be notified by the office.


Applicants are accepted on FIRST-COME FIRST-SERVE basis. Class size is limited to 15 persons.

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