Education through the Maryland PHCC

The Maryland PHCC offers education for those entering the field through our Plumbing Apprenticeship Program. We also offer continuing education, certification and recertifcation through our Backflow courses. 

Plumbing Apprenticeship

The Maryland PHCC Plumbing Apprenticeship Program is a 4-year program accredited by the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Council (MATC). We offer classes in two locations - Catonsville Community College and Essex Community College. The program is a combination of on-the-job training and classroom work two evenings per week from September to May. Click the icon above to learn more and to access the online application.

Backflow Certification

The Maryland PHCC offers both 32-hour Backflow Certification and 8-hour Backflow Recertification. The courses are taught by our TREEO Certified instructors in classes held at Dundalk Community College. Classes are held each month from January through November. Certifications are valid for 3 years. Note that the additional 1 year grace period given during COVID is no longer being offered. Click the icon above to learn more.

Take Control of Your Future

Doors Open through education

Training in the plumbing, heating, and cooling trades opens doors to a bright future. Skilled workers are in high demand. Learn how you can quickly enter a field that offers great wages, benefits, and even a path to business ownership. For more information, click the links above or call our office.