Introductory Contractor Membership

As an introductory contractor member of the Maryland PHCC, you will automatically become a member of our National organization. Together, we work hard to bring highly valuable membership benefits to our members, and the list is extensive! Introductory members received a reduced membership rate, and still enjoy all of the benefits of membership!

Dues – Starting at $487.50 Annually

Contractor Membership

If your company was already a member at one time and would like to re-join, welcome back! As a contractor member of the Maryland PHCC, you will automatically become a member of our National organization. Members of the Maryland PHCC enjoy greatly reduced tuition rates for our training programs and so much more!

Dues – Starting at $975 Annually

Associate Membership

If your company provides products and services to the plumbing, heating, cooling industry, you may be eligible to become an Associate Member. Please complete the application linked below, and we will be in touch with you promptly.

Associate Membership Application


Our Contractor Members Enjoy These Member Only Benefits

ADP Employee Screening Services

The Maryland PHCC has partnered with ADP to present you with a low cost way to protect yourself in employee hiring situations.

The special PHCC package includes:

1. A “First Check” report. It helps assure that you are hiring someone with an assigned social security number;

2. A felony county criminal court report;

3. Two employment reference checks


All for the low cost of $30 per applicant! For an additional $10, you can protect one of your largest assets with a driving record check.

Last year, 41% of the employees ADP checked had one or more car accidents. Over 19% of those same employees had four or more car accidents or drunk driving convictions.

How Do You Get Started With ADP?

Call 800-367-5933 and tell them that you are with the PHCC and you want to become an ADP customer. PHCC has negotiated a special savings rate for our members…and you will save even more if you use your PHCC MasterCard to charge your purchases.

Call 800-847-7378 to sign up for your PHCC MasterCard. For more information on this program, call PHCC at 800-533-7694.

Apprenticeship & Backflow Training

The Maryland PHCC offers the following courses:

  • Plumbing four year Instructor/Student Training Program 
  • 32-Hour Backflow Certification
  • 8-Hour Backflow Re-certification

Our Apprenticeship program provide the contractor with a comprehensive course of study available to train employees. These are Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training approved standards and outlines.

Each program has a member and non-member cost for the purchase of materials. 

Please examine the information on our Training page for a more detailed look at these training programs.


Outfit your employees for comfort and style while you build your business with custom-embroidered clothing. Build relationships with your customers by displaying employee names and your company logo on work apparel. Add the PHCC logo to give your customers the confidence and security of using a contractor they can depend on.

To place an order, call (800) 677-6060, or go to


PHCC offers a partnership with ExxonMobil to provide fuel savings and fuel management tools to members. We offer an option for members who may need to enjoy a broad network acceptance benefit. With ExxonMobil’s Fleet National card, fuel up at over 95% of U.S. fueling stations. Approved members can save up to 8 cents/gallon for 12 months with fuel rebates at ExxonMobil by using the PHCC ExxonMobil fuel card. After the promotional period, members can still save up to 5 cents/gallon. In addition to rebates, the ExxonMobil fuel card also provides access to powerful online tools and mobile apps to manage spending, help reduce fraud, and save time on reporting.

For more information, contact Oyik Mora, by email at [email protected] or by phone at (980) 254-6333.


Helping its members close more sales and grow their businesses, PHCC has partnered with the GreenSky® Loan Program, a leader in home improvement financing. GreenSky gives PHCC members the opportunity to offer their customers flexible financing plans, such as no down payment/no interest promotions, as well as deferred interest, low interest and fixed payment options.*

* Subject to credit approval. Ask for details.

Hudson, Ink

You deserve contractor marketing that works. That’s why we help contractors do three things: Get more customers, raise your image, and keep customers buying and referring. Through member-only access, in-home service contractors get automated multi-channel campaigns, plus one-on-one coaching and custom marketing strategies. Simple methods, blistering results, quick implementation. All guaranteed. All done for you. Call 800-489-9099, email [email protected], or visit

Market Hardware, Inc

Market Hardware is the preferred website and internet marketing provider for PHCC. As a member, you have access to discounted website packages, SEO services and more. To take advantage of special member discounts and offers, visit to schedule a free consultation or contact Market Hardware directly at (888) 262-8761 or [email protected].

Time Communications

Don’t miss your customers’ calls! Time Communications answers your phones when you can’t … and treats your customers just like you would. Services include 24/7/365 call answering, paging and dispatch services, emergency response, appointment scheduling, on-call scheduling, and dedicated operators. Time Communications will develop a call management plan that works for your business – and deliver its award-winning customer service to your customers – all at a discounted monthly rate.

Contact our office for additional information on these programs.

Meetings, Expos & Conventions

The Maryland PHCC and the NAPHCC offer a variety of methods to network and further your knowledge of our industry. The following opportunities are available for you to participate in:

  • Annual Trade Show & Expo. This the Maryland PHCC’s annual event that brings together P-H-C contractors and vendors, and features a trade show expo, seminars, and a Bull & Oyster Roast. This event is held each spring.
  • CONNECT and Expo scheduled in the fall every year. This is the National PHCC’s primary association business gathering. PHCC sends out timely notices on all meetings to all members.
  • Annual Legislative Conference – Held in the spring each year, this conference addresses government legislation that affects the P-H-C industry.

While non-members can attend some of these events, the cost is significantly higher.

Increase your networking with other professionals, learn more about your industry, and see the latest in product lines offered to our industry. Have your say in how our industry in shaping the future!


PHCC has a number of different awards from “HVAC Contractor of the Year” (awarded by Trane) to “Delta Apprentice of the Year.” PHCC is proud to honor the individuals and companies that make us “The Nation’s Best.” 

Recipients are nationally recognized for their excellence in our industry. Awards are always a great marketing tool for your business. You can share ideas with your peers. Winners are generally recognized in front of their peers at the annual convention. Some awards include a cash or benefit prize.

You must be an active member of PHCC in order to be nominated for an award.

Business Management Tools

The PHCC Foundation has a huge array of business management tools. One of the most popular is the Labor Calculator, which takes the guesswork out of labor appraising. Visit the National PHCC Knowledge Center for more information on the tools available.

You will become a more efficient business person in a competitive marketplace. Time is money, and these products can save you both.

Call for costs.

Substance Abuse Assistance

The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimated that one in every five workers ages 18-25 have used drugs on the job. Protect yourself and your business by using our manuals to implement a “drug free” workplace. Manuals offered are:

  • Substance Abuse Prevention Manual
  • Supervisor Manual on Prevention of Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Protect yourself and your business from unneeded claims, and educate yourself on how to legally handle employee problems. You will limit your liability and attract good employees.

Substance Abuse Prevention Manual costs $2.00
Supervisor Manual on Prevention of Substance Abuse in the Workplace costs $1.75
You must be a PHCC member to purchase these two products.

PHCC Educational Foundation

The PHCC Educational Foundation grants scholarship awards to young high school, or college freshman. Nominees could be awarded $3,000 per year for up to four years.

Nominees must fulfill the following criteria:

  • They must have a background in the industry;
  • They must be sponsored by an Active PHCC member; 
  • They must be in a PHC-related major.

Members of PHCC are investing in the future of the industry. The PHCC Educational Foundation gives an industry-interested young person a chance to receive a good education. 

The PHCC Educational Foundation Scholarship Trust Fund provides this program. There is no direct cost to members.

Insurance Benefits

PHCC offers a unique package of insurance benefits to members only.

Federated Insurance offers members an array of business, 401 K, health, and Risk Management Services. You can reach Federated at 800-241-4945 #201.

Government Oversight

PHCC maintains constant vigilance over Congress and relevant federal agencies such as OSHA, Transportation, and EPA. PHCC expresses the contractor point of view to Congress and all appropriate federal agencies and alerts PHCC members to new regulations and laws that impact contractors and their businesses. PHCC monitors utility competition/deregulation at the national level and coordinates information exchange/support for state and local fair competition alliances. PHCC also maintains a Political Action Committee (PAC).

Through the Government Relations department, Congress and the federal bureaucracy hear our needs and concerns.

Through educational newsletters, bulletins, booklets, and special mailings, you will not be caught off guard by changes in construction regulations and will receive advice to help you comply with federal regulations.

The Annual Legislative Conference will provide you with opportunity to meet, in person, with your elected federal legislators and tell them directly what matters to you.

Special conferences on Unfair Utility Competition & Utility Deregulation educate contractors on how to build a level playing field for all business to compete fairly.

Member education and monitoring of legislation, regulations, & utility competition is included with your membership at no cost. Attendance at Legislative and Utility Competition Conferences is additional. Support of PHCC PAC is voluntary and additional.

Marketing Programs

PHCC has a number of marketing programs for the PHC contractor. These programs are the equivalent of having your own public relations and advertising firm in one national office. Use these materials to promote your products. 

  • Offer your customers incentives through the use of professional brochures.
  • Use the “Tool Box’ to order an array of marketing materials.
  • Be a part of the PHCC national membership directory.
  • Use logos and stickers to identify yourself with the “Best People. Best Practices”.
  • Spread the word about your commitment to professionalism through customized brochures.
  • Show you’re a part of the “Nation’s Best” by ordering a reduced price magnetic truck sign.

Costs depends on the product(s) you purchase. Call for details.

Industry Publications

The following publications and directories are free to PHCC members. Some publications are for the enhanced service groups only. These publications are distributed to you via e-mail or through special mailings.

  • Who’s Who in the PHCC (membership directory)
  • Tool Box (PHCC products and services)
  • Maryland PHCC Magazine – Quarterly magazine from the Maryland PHCC
  • PHCC Connect – Quarterly newsletter for National PHCC members
  • Weekly PHCC Online – Weekly e-newsletter for National PHCC members
  • Foundation Personnel e-Bulletin – National PHCC monthly HR e-newsletter
  • Foundation Focus – National PHCC Educational Foundation bi-monthly newsletter
  • Annual Report – National PHCC annual report

Stay in touch with all the goings on in the association and industry.

Publications are free to PHCC active members and enhanced service groups.

PHCC Resource Center

Open 24/7, the PHCC Resource Center offers answers to your business questions, personnel management information and policies, tools and resources to help manage and grow your business. The Resource Center also offers access to industry business statistics and trends.

Business Interest Groups (BIG)

As a member of a National PHCC BIG, you’ll have access to industry specific information, resources and discussion opportunities to help you expand your knowledge and contact base. Use their 24/7 portal to find solutions to your toughest challenges and stay on top of the latest trends affecting your business and your customers.

Educational Foundation Career Program

The PHCC Educational Foundation provides education and training, scholarships, and national contests to those who wish to pursue a career in the P-H-C industry. Learn about the Educational Foundation at

Resource Links

The Maryland PHCC and the National PHCC maintain websites and social media pages to help members stay connected. Below are links to Maryland and National and Associations and Auxiliaries.

Maryland PHCC Facebook page –

National PHCC Association website –

National PHCC Facebook page –

National PHCC Auxiliary –

National PHCC Auxiliary Facebook page – www.facebookcom/PHCCAUX/